Nesting in Your New Floridian Club Villa or Bungalow


Perhaps one of the best parts of moving to a new place, is the potential. The potential in empty rooms- will they be bedrooms, offices, man caves? The potential in your new kitchen- how many Thanksgivings will be had there? What new recipes will you learn?

The first step in turning your new Floridian Club Villa or Bungalow into a sanctuary all your own happens before you even move in. Our standard villas are appointed beautifully, with your choice of three designer color packages.  It’s nice to know that upgrades are not required to have a home that looks like you customized it all. But, for those that want to take it to the next level, there is our Upgrade Program and Vendor Coordination Program, where you can you customize your future home at The Club with options such as plantation shutters, paint colors, upgraded backsplashes, upgraded carpet, garage storage, washers and dryers, installation of ceiling fans, privacy shades for lanais, and so much more. The best part of all, is that we are not going anywhere. So if you want to move in, get situated, and then decide to do some upgrades, you can!  After all, The Floridian Club of Sarasota is all about making YOUR life easy! 

Next is determining your decor style in your new home. Will you stick to what you’ve done in the past or branch out and try something new? There’s just so many options!

Will you go Coastal?


Or Modern?


Additionally, choosing furniture and decor intentionally for both comfort and style, will guarantee that your new Villa or Bungalow feels homey. Incorporating interesting design and decor concepts will make your home unique to all your guests but will also make it feel like you’ve made it all your own. Some examples of this are, turning an unused closet into your pets own little room, creating a movie room in your spare bedroom, giving your porch into a tiki-themed atmosphere and turning your built-in desk into a mini-wet bar or coffee station!

Once you’ve set up your furniture and you feel your home is complete, it’s time to spend some quality time in each space. Familiarizing yourself with each room and using them for the purpose you have given them, will ensure that you feel right at home when you walk through your front door. Some people even swear by sleeping in each room of your home when you first move in!

Our last nesting tip is to add some life into your space. Adding plants, herbs and flowers into both the inside and outside of your home, has a way of giving it an at-home feel- even if you’ve just moved in! Tending to plants and creating new daily tasks for yourself in your new place also contributes to an overall more comforting feel in your brand new Villa or bungalow!

Whether you’re downsizing, upsizing, moving from near or far- taking the time to create a space that is all your own is imperative to nesting in your new Villa or Bungalow. At The Floridian Club of Sarasota, we want you to feel at home each time you drive through our gates. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your move to The Club as seamless, comfortable, and fun as possible! Welcome home!

Savannah Hense