5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Florida (Full OR Part Time!)


There are many, many reasons why Florida is the best place to live. In fact, over 900 people move to Florida PER DAY! While it’s hard to pick just five, we’re explaining our top reasons we think you’ll want to move to Florida, if you’re not already convinced!

Sandy Beaches

Florida is known for having some of the most amazing beaches in the country, and Sarasota’s Siesta Key Beach has even been awarded “Best Beach in the America” by TripAdvisor. From Anna Maria Island to Venice Beach, there are many places to enjoy the soft sand Sarasota County is known for while gazing out upon crystal clear, aquamarine waters.

Warm Weather All Year Long

Florida is known as the sunshine state for a reason. With consistently warm weather all year round, you’re able to go out and garden, hit the golf course, or explore the many natural attractions Florida has to offer any day, any time.

Fresh Produce

Because of this amazing, warm weather, Florida also has delicious fresh produce all year long. Even during the winter months you’re able to find fresh tomatoes, beans, peppers, and more at your local farmer’s market and grocery stores. There is a Publix (known to many Floridian’s as the best grocery store in the country) directly across the street from The Floridian Club of Sarasota.

No State Income Tax

Florida is one of the few states in the U.S. that does not have state income tax. If you plan to work full or part time in Florida, Florida is a great place to make the most of your income!

Exempt Retirement Income

Yes, this includes social security as well! Because there is no state income tax, retirement income tax is also exempt. Any money you generate from Social Security, Individual Retirement Accounts, private and public pensions, and 401K are non-taxable.

Come join us at the Floridian Club of Sarasota and benefit from all these and more! Move in as soon as February 2019! We can’t wait to have you.

Savannah Hense