Bungalow Building Construction Update

The General Contractor of The Floridian Club of Sarasota, Starling Group, Inc., has recently determined and informed our office that certain products within our two partially-constructed three-story bungalow buildings on-site were compromised due to exposure to inclement weather during the unusually high seasonal rains in May and June of 2018.

After further testing, Starling Group, Inc. determined these two buildings no longer met the high quality building standards both they and we hold construction at The Floridian Club of Sarasota to. It is our common goal to build the best possible product, and create the safest and most enjoyable environment possible at The Club. Therefore, Starling Group, Inc. has concluded that it is necessary to partially deconstruct these two buildings, removing the compromised material, and rebuilding using new material. This process should take just several weeks to accomplish and is expected to cause only a minor delay in our construction plans for our two bungalow buildings.

While this occurrence is unfortunate, we applaud our General Contractor, Starling Group, Inc. for their commitment to excellence and appreciate that they are looking out for the best interest of The Floridian Club and all of our future residents. It is important to note that the rest of the site’s construction has not been affected by this delay, and will remain on its current schedule for completion. We look forward to our scheduled grand opening in early 2019.

Savannah Hense