Meet our Coastal Connector


Malia, the fun guru.

As the Coastal Connector, Malia offers Floridian members the ability to form clubs and enjoy a calendar full of social opportunities! Malia is up to the challenge, as over 500 new members will move in over the next year, all with one main goal in mind - meet new people and have fun! Born in Hawaii, Malia has resided all over the country and world; Hawaii, Chicago, Vermont, Massachusetts, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Maine & now Florida! She loves traveling, meeting people and learning about other cultures. Malia’s love of food and wellness led her to author a popular cookbook titled, Food That Works: Real Meals to Survive the 9 to 5. In 2016 she toured the country doing cooking shows, wellness workshops and professionally speaking. Malia’s other hobbies include, dancing, yoga, arts and crafts, and karaoke! Malia brings our members an exciting, creative and eclectic background that is as diverse as our members!