Leasing at The Floridian Club is better than buying a house, whether as your primary or second home! Here’s why…

Hesitant to tie up cash in a house?

At The Floridian Club, there’s no capital investment to lease a Villa or Bungalow. Learn more.

Not ready for another major commitment?

Floridian Club Members always have flexibility to move when life changes at no cost. Learn more about our variety of lease options.

Tired of paying taxes and insurance?

Members of The Floridian Club get to experience the perks of being a Florida resident, including no state individual income tax or estate tax. Plus, take advantage of the many asset protection benefits and property tax benefits for primary residences. At The Floridian Club, all your monthly lease payments are transparent, straight forward, and easy to plan. Learn more.

Tired of never ending home maintenance?

We take care of absolutely everything, inside and out. View our Villas or Bungalows pages for more info.

Seeking a hassle free transition to Florida living?

Remove the stress of lender approval, the time and effort spent, not to mention the stacks of paperwork.

Worried about losing your value in your home?

Floridian Club Members are not subject to the rise, and fall, in home value.

Don’t worry when you’re away, we have your back.

Floridian Club Members receive complimentary Home Watch Service. Lock it, leave it, and we will watch it for you. Finally, you can come and go as you please. Learn More.