The Club


Membership in the Floridian Club opens your doors to a lifestyle full of opportunities.

A sense of belonging and a sense of community will be yours, when you live at the Floridian Club.  Whether your social circle is primarily with other singles or couples, there is something for everyone.


The Floridian Club is Social

Take advantage of the fun-filled life available to you at the Floridian Club ... on your time, in your way.

Day trips, clubs, dances, happy hours, holiday events, pool parties, sporting events and tournaments.  With an emphasis on the outdoors and the high demand our clientele place on healthy living, you can expect to see a myriad of fitness based events.  Biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, walking, swimming, running, Pilates, Yoga, Golf followed by classes in healthy cooking, gardening and so much more.  The offerings are plenty and based on participation, so they have the ability to change over time.  Dedicated and knowledgeable club staff are key to an exciting and fun life at the Floridian Club.

The Floridian Club is Smart

Engage a more intellectual side with organized classes, clubs, lectures, speakers, and even community involvement.  Let your concierge provide more personal arrangements such as theater, dining and airport transportation.

The Floridian Club is Easy

The Floridian Club will spoil you ... expected by our clientele.

Consider how great it will feel to have The Floridian’s Club staff at your fingertips.  Remove the worries associated with daily inconveniences like a burned out light bulb or a noise  in your garbage disposal.  Obtain information on area conveniences such as pet groomers or restaurants and allow our “Coastal Connector” event staff facilitate events and clubs.  Have guests coming to visit?  Take advantage the guest suite within The Club –  A fee based hotel style room available on a first come first serve basis and will give you and your guests a little breathing room, that makes for a great visit.

Anyway you look at it ...
the Floridian Club is very accommodating.