About The Floridian

Your way to "own" a piece of the Floridian Fun and Sun without the burdens of home ownership.

More and more baby boomers are giving up the burdens of home-ownership for less maintenance, the ability to travel and even make life a bit simpler. But exactly where to go is the dilemma.

For those that have experienced the ups and downs of the recent housing market and are now making the smart decision to hold on to their equity and lease their next place to live, they may find themselves with less than optimal options.

Those options include a traditional apartment community with transient populations and tight living spaces or leasing a private place to live or condo, which frequently places the renter in a stressful situation, due to the temporary nature of private leasing.

The Floridian Club is geared toward the contemporary baby boomer of today!

The Developer believes that time fosters friendships and a sense of community.  Therefore, short term lease options will not be offered. Those interested in 2 to 10-year lease commitments will be provided with set escalations up front, alleviating any guess work on what costs will be in the future.  Those wanting to travel or live north in the summer, can do so with ease, for their home will be maintained and ready for their return. It is the secure feeling provided by the long term lease, and the freedom to leave at any time when life changes, that defines the unique way of living at the Floridian Club.

Not for Short Term

It takes time to foster true friendships.